The Timeless Temptations - Why it is Your Time to Get Ready

Some people shoot to the sky like fireworks, before fading away. They can give you sunshine on a cloudy day. And when the world feels like a ball of confusion, they make you feel like you are on cloud nine. 


Timeless Time Machine

I am sure you also have people you admire, who have set new trends, transformed their field and broken new ground. For me, those people include the Temptations. The group recorded multiple classics ('My Girl', 'Get Ready', 'Papa was a Rolling Stone' among many others). Every time I listen to the above group, they take me back to the mid 60's to early 70's, as if my headphones were a time machine. At the same time their music is timeless. 


Creating "magic"

The other day I wanted to find out what happened to the members. It was a sad surprise to find out that four (David Ruffin, Melvin Franklin, Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks) of the original five members had already passed away due to drug addiction, suicide and health issues. 

The one remaining original member, Otis Williams said that "there was a magic, that will never be had like that of the original five."


Shoot for the stars

Now when I listen to their music, I appreciate what the group managed to achieve even more. There were struggles, members who eventually left, but for a few years, together they managed to create magic. 

We can do the same. We can shoot for the stars in our fields, leave a mark and create fireworks that will light up the sky for those who come after us. We just need to use our skills to best of our ability, take chances and remember that our time is now. 

Get Ready!