How to Create a Business Plan...for Your Life

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt in life is that you can't afford having a sour attitude when things don't turn out as expected. You've got to constantly move on, invent, create and motivate yourself. 

An Entrepreneur's journey

More importantly, my job is to motivate others, share personal life lessons and help clients find peace. Those skills definitely come to use as self-employed. I swear, starting a business is an adventure, a journey into unknown territory where your best compass are your clients. Intuition can't be overestimated. 

So why is it that in so many other areas of life, we allow ourselves to complain, moan, and speak all sorts of negative words? 'I will never find the right partner.', 'I am too old, and now it is too late to fulfill my dreams.', 'I am a crappy parent.' and so on.  

You are the captain


You are the captain of the mother ship in your life. Sure, it is understandable to feel lost at sea sometimes and need a shoulder to cry on.

However, when we repeat negative phrases like 'crap', 'rubbish', and 'horrendous' day in and day out, something has got to change. What we focus on is what we attract. Do you want to attract more 'crap' in your life? Didn't think so. 

If I declared the above words over my business each day, and used the same phrases when I talked to clients, there would be a few issues, to put it mildly.

The same way a detailed business plan is essential to a successful company, a clear 'life plan', or 'Power Plan' as I like to call it, will help you reach your goals quicker. Here are examples of what to include: 

Mission Statement

What are you about? What defines you? What's your overall goal in life? 

(In my business plan and when I first set up my Facebook page, I was asked to give a mission statement. This is an important part, because it encompasses everything you do, what drives you. As an example, Rhonda Byrne's mission is to 'Bring Joy to Billions'.)


Which are your greatest skills? What makes you unique? Which are the 3 main things you want people to know about you? (I always tell clients 'Your best USP is you'. No matter what you do, people prefer those they can trust, respect, and who make them feel better after a meeting.) 

Monthly/Annual plan

Where do you want to be next month, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years from now? (When I started my business I was asked to create a plan for the next 3 years! This is a great way to visualise, feel, believe; in other words, attract what you want to you. 

I believe in you. 

/ Hermine

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