Making the Decision - My Move to Madrid

Pink Flower

When we decide, the magic starts. When we decide, we let God work in our lives. When we decide, we open up to blessings.

One of the worst, most frustrating places to be is on a fence. It is safe, but it can wear you down.

You know that feeling deep inside, that yearning feeling, that wants you to move on, aim higher, develop, expand, increase and go further. Maybe you can't put your finger on what you are meant to do, but you want change.

Moving to Madrid

I have been there. When I moved to Madrid as a teenager, I was ready for change. I had put my foot down. I knew I deserved more and better. As one of my teachers said, "This is your time to bloom'.

My main goal was to get therapy. I knew that I wanted to feel better, regain self esteem and taste freedom. I barely spoke the language, moved 7 times within the first 3 months and at the same time was trying to find work. I handed out newspapers, sold gingerbread & mulled wine at IKEA and other jobs until started studying Spanish at a University. After completing the studies, I worked as an English Teacher.

Build your strength

The key to getting well was making the decision; not knowing in detail how things were going to plan out, but believing in the overarching goal: recovery.

Many people prefer to travel together, explore together. However, don't be afraid to step out on your own. It is the situations when you have no one to turn to, that will truly build your strength.

So, don't worry if you can't see the next steps. Just make sure you get on the staircase.