'Submit' & Commit - Can Social Media Teach Us To Be More Genuine?

Can social media actually help you be more genuine? Yes, I think so. There is the perception that Facebook, Instagram and other forums are linked to frivolousness and façades of fun, fulfilment and fortune. 

I have no doubt that is many times the case. However, I've also found that the more personal I am, the better and more genuine the response. By personal I mean sharing my deepest thoughts, tough experiences that I've learnt from and life philosophies. 

Hitting 'Submit'

It's scary sometimes to post something that's on your mind, you think: 'How will people perceive this?', 'I am going too far?' 'Will anyone feel accused?'.

However, once the submit button is pressed, I decide there's no turning back, and whatever people may think, at least I am being myself. I respect people who frequently share details of their private life (a night out, a meal, a trip to the park with kids). What I want to do is firstly inspire, motivate and transform. 

Below is a run down of the outlets I use most. I skipped Facebook since, although it is useful and I have a page, most of my connections are made on the below sites. 


Blogging is the Mount Everest of being myself on social media. This is where I came out of the 'depression closet', talking about my past journey to recovery among other things. Some use blogging to share political comments, business advice and so on.

My goal is to use the space to share thoughts and experiences that will help you relate, get you motivated and see that it is possible to bounce back in life! This is where the 'submit' button matters the most! 


Love Twitter! It allows me to instantly miniblog my brainstorms and connect with so many people locally in Bedfordshire around the world, especially the US! Thanks guys!

Tweeting my deepest thoughts have been a great learning experience. I have learnt that people want to connect with me the person, not with maximised sales messages. It's the relationships that count. That's why each follower gets a personal thank you message! 

When I started tweeting someone told me to follow 100 people a day, and then remove followings to increase the audience. If one simply wants to increase the number of followers, it might work. I think that rather than following a formula, why not just publish interesting content that people want to follow? 


Motivational quote heaven. So far I've been getting several new followers each day, many of them expressing gratitude over inspiring quotes. Again a great exercise forum in being myself more online. Each quote is created by me, and often is a reoccurring phrase I had during the day, or an inspiring thought I suddenly had while showering ('Empower Shower'!), doing the laundry, walking into town and so on. 

I only click on photos I like, not 500 random clicks in a row to gain follower traction as someone advised. If you follow me, I will send a personalised 'thank you' message back! 

I find that this is where I can take the brainstorming on Twitter and make it something artistic. If you want colourful daily inspiration, this is the place to go! 


Fantastic for sharing motivation and linking up with people. Many of the persons I meet at networking events are on LinkedIn and I've gained so many business contacts and clients.

This forum is not Facebook and in my opinion should be used for professional purposes. Since motivation is my job, this is another outlet where I get to share my personal ideas and experiences that will get you inspired! (Promise to get better with personal thank you's!) 

So whether you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook, I promise you that the information is straight from the heart.

It's up to us how we use the mediums available to us. I would recommend anyone to be yourself as much as possible. Sharing tough experiences and life lessons only show that you have walked the walk, not just talk the talk! 

I want you to live amazing, exciting lives! Would love to connect with you in any of the above forums! 

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Have a great weekend! 

Lots of love,