The Fulfilment Fear Factor - Why What You Want May Be the Last Thing You Want

It is common to give our feelings labels. When it comes to fear it may sound like 'It's too late', 'It's too expensive' or 'It's too big of a dream'.

However, there is also the fear of what happens if I actually make it? What happens if I actually find a partner, find a job I like, earn the salary I want?

I used to often talk about the clothes I wanted to buy, but couldn't. When I suddenly received a large sum of money and was able to buy the clothes, I got scared and confused. I had always talked about what I would purchase IF I had the money, but once I could afford the items, I didn't know what to get, and ended up not buying much at all.

Your real fear may not be about taking on a challenge; it may be about what happens if you get what you actually want.

When we get what we want, our reasons to complain go out the window.

When we get what we desire, we face our true strengths and abilities (some of which we didn't know we had).

When we get what we need, we get a sense of fulfilment.

Now, to some of us, that can be scary! How would your life change if you actually felt fulfilled, at peace?

Whichever feelings come up when facing a challenge, let's be real with ourselves and face the real fear.