Leaving the C-zone - What My Piggy Taught Me About Courage

My little piggy teaches me a lot of lessons. Although she's just a small dandelion-loving pet, her basic behaviour makes me reflect on my own life. 

'Predator' Parent

Here's an example: 

Guinea pig

Whenever I take her out of the cage, whether it is to clean it or to let her play in the pen outside, she squirms as if you were taking her straight to a Peruvian BBQ. I imagine there is a deep installed fear of being lifted due to all the past predators (eagles, hawks, and pretty much most carnivorous species). 

Although the slight change (being taken out) to her daily routine is for her own good (who wouldn't want to come back to a clean home?) she still reacts the same way each time. Removal from cage = not good, potential death threat. 

Even more interesting, she thinks her 'Mummy' who's fed, cuddled with, and looked after. her for the past 4 years, is a predator. Paranoia anyone? 

The power of comfort 

However, I'll give her one thing, being taking out of your comfort zone, the area which you know by heart, can be scary. 

When I started my business, part of me thought 'Are you crazy?'. I had just turned down an extension of my stable full-time contract, and decided to venture out into the wild. 

There comes a time when destiny knocks on your door, and you know you've got to step out on a limb, no matter what. Comfort is a powerful feeling: it is safe, cosy and predictable, but we all have a bigger mission within us. 

Taking the step

While I was mentally squirming like little Wendy and wrestling thoughts, I took the step out the C-zone and entered the exciting, uncharted terrain of the entrepreneur.

The conclusion was just brought to me by the Temptations playing in my ears: 'Don't look back'

(And by the way, Wendy, I may be a manic meat eater, but I am still your Mummy.)