A Fun, Exciting Adventure - How to Create the Reality You Want

My husband is very outdoorsy; he loves camping, survival books, watching Bear Grylls: in short, he loves adventure. 

He also easily gets excited about things and is naturally very positive and optimistic. In fact, when we did his StrengthsFinder profile, 'Positivity' was in the Top 5 of his strongest sides. 

Finally, we both love fun, and going to new places (like Rome recently), and having parties with friends (Dungeons & Dragons tonight (1st time!) and birthday party tomorrow).

What I want my life, his life and our marriage to be is just what it says on the top: a fun, exciting adventure! 

In order to create that, I need to reinforce those words. Therefore, I tell my husband each day: 'Everyday with you is a fun, exciting, adventure!'. That phrase encompasses the keywords in his life and what I want in my life. 

Someone might think 'Well, that's a bit cheesy', and yes, some people talked about the 'honeymoon phase' when we first got married. "Just wait until the honeymoon is over..." 

What I've learned the hard way is that using words of power is more important than what other people think. If you want something in your life, repeat it. We are all in different places on our journey, and you are the only one with responsibility for your trajectory

It is well known fact within the art of persuasion, that in order to win people over, you need to know and understand what's in their hearts. 

Pin down which keywords you want to define your life (and your partner's, childrens' and so on) and make them part of your every day life. At the same time you will reconfirm and show appreciation for how the other person feels. 

After 2 years of marriage, I know a lot about what's in my husband's heart. I will keep learning as we continue on our big adventure.