The 4 Power Principles

1. Purpose

First thing, we need to figure out where we are heading, what is driving us in that direction. Who are you? What are you about? What defines you? What is your mission?

In life coaching one of the keys is to start by setting a goal. This is important, but I would argue that a purpose is beyond the next 6 months, 12 months, 24 months. A purpose has do to with your spirit, drive, your essence - what are you about?

As an entrepreneur, I have lost count of the times that I've been out on a limb putting myself in new situations (attending networking meetings on my own, featuring on videos and so on). What helps in those situations is to reconnect with my purpose; the bottom line, the real reason I am there.

I am about motivation - not just for a month or year, but for a lifetime. That self definition can be applied in a number of settings. This is when we get to create a plan.


2. Plan

4 Power Principles

How are you going to make best use of your purpose? How is it best reflected? What makes you shine? How can you serve? Which steps can you take today? By when do you expect to achieve those steps? Who can support you and help you flourish?

No man is an island, and over the course of starting my business, I have had a lot of help, and opportunities from business networks, my partner and mentor. Since I work from home, I set daily objectives, weekly and monthly not to mention a 3 year plan. The common denominator for all those plans is that I get to be my best, doing what I love - motivate.

In order to activate the plan, we need to be our own motivation machine. When times get tough, we can use that extra battery of...


3. Positive Thinking

A limitless life requires a limitless mindset. 

When we tell ourselves 'I don't know' over and over again, what result do we get? I don't know. Ask yourself 'If I did know what it was, what would it be?'. 

Also, don't take good words from granted. If some of us spent at least half the energy we use on criticising and downplaying ourselves, then our lives would change significantly for the better. Having gone through depression I have learnt the hard way the positive self compliments don't always come easily. That's why my morning mantra is 'I am Beautiful, Smart and Amazing'. I encourage you to create one too! 

You are the child of God and to do what you are meant to do, there is no time for self pity, only self power. 


4. Peace

Figuring out your purpose, plan and positive thinking requires stillness; the ability to listen to ourselves and what we need. Not just in terms of physical health but mental as well. 

Whether it is through mindfulness or other forms of mediation, prayer, playing with your children, reading a book, a walk in the park, exercising at the gym, running, whatever it is, we need to recharge our batteries. 

There are ebbs and floods in life, and taking time to be silent or doing a fun activity, and letting you thoughts float by like clouds on a blue sky is essential to our wellbeing and accomplishing the things we want in life. 

As you will see on my website, all of the seminar & workshops relate to the above topics in one way or the other. 

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