This New Year, Try Something New

Hi everyone. I hope you all feel rested and refreshed after a nice Christmas holiday. I spent mine in Sweden (we even had a bit of snow on the last day!). Being Swedish I often tell my niece that my name is Elsa (it is actually my middle name) and that I am from 'Frozen-land' (although it looks more like Norway in the movie).

Today I tried something new and exciting: my first podcast! It is called 'Hermine's Hodcast' (you heard it here first!) and the first episode will centre on my personal journey of coming out of depression. It will be released very soon so keep an eye out for announcements!

Is there anything you have thought of trying this year? Maybe a new career path, a trip to a dream destination or yoga? Perhaps you're trying to stop doing something like smoking, double-checking the cooker's off or using certain negative keywords?

If so, remember that no dreams are too big, no visions are too wide and that it is possible. You may be thinking of something that looks completely "nuts", "crazy" or not like you. You may even question yourself as you are doing it.

However, just because you and/or other people weren't able to allow themselves to dream big, doesn't mean you have to be that way. If you had told me I would be recording a podcast 15 years ago, I would not have believed you. Let God lead the way. You are meant to do great things. I believe in you.

This is your year!

xxx/ Hermine