Your Story is Bigger than You

We all have a story which is bigger than us. That is because our lives are not coincidental, we were planned before the beginning of time to be here and carry out our mission. 

Furthermore, we all have talents, and when we share those, you can feel the fire. Some people are like fireworks; they shoot up to the sky, before they fade away. Others keep their fire burning longer. Some people shine in the public eye, others sparkle behind the scenes. All fiery passions are equally important. 

I watched Gudrun Schyman (leader of a Swedish feminist party) talk at a rally once, and although there were only a handful of people there, I could feel the fire and passion in her speech. It didn't matter if there were 1 or 1000 people watching: she spoke for a different reason, a higher purpose. 

I hope to be able to share my passion similarly and that my fire will help you glow! On the 22nd of this month I gave a motivational seminar in Luton, and it went beyond expectations! People sharing stories and coming up to chat awards: it was simply great. 

Before each seminar I make sure I prepare, but even so, you sometimes feel a slight nervousness. However, before this session, somehow I felt really calm and focused. It was as if sharing my story and motivating others was part of something bigger. 

The session had a great flow, and I instinctively felt I knew what to say. People told me later that the session had helped change their perceptions, which was great. 

During feedback afterwards, one lady even said she wanted to hear more about certain parts, such as the similarities between depression and addiction (mentioned previously in the blog) and the 10 life lessons. 

If you want to find out more about the life lessons and other topics, there will be further sessions in the near future, including webinars! 

Hope to see you there!  

Have a nice Sunday! 

x / Hermine