What's your purpose in life?

Piggies can teach you a lot. Not a moment goes by opening a plastic bag without them 'oinking' with excitement. Each time they believe I am bringing them fresh grass from the garden. I try and give them a green treat every day, and they get just as excited each time. They will stand next to the cage opening, ready to dig in. As I put the grass in the grass, they will dive under it and bury themselves under the straws, so much that I can't even spot them.

They were made for grass, and grass was made for them: a perfect union. I believe each time they smell those handpicked straws, they connect with their purpose as a prey animal: to eat.

I also believe that we feel the same excitement when we discover something related to our purpose. When I deliver a training session, or watch Dr Phil, I forget time and become devoured by what I am doing in a good way. I get filled with excitement each time before talking to a group, or a new episode is out. That is because those above things relate to my purpose: I love analysing and helping people. (Thankfully I don't start 'oinking' like those fur balls at home!)

What is it that when you do it, you forget about space and time? What fills you up with excitement? The piggies can smell grass from the other end of the room. What are you looking forward to do, tomorrow, a week, a year from now?

Let me know and have a great week!

(Check out the munch bunch below!)