Intercultural Training and Life Coaching

I am in the business of culture and confidence. Through intercultural training I help organisations develop their communication skills (incl. negotiation, etiquette, body language) and cultural knowledge to strengthen relationships with partners and clients across cultures.

Confidence is an essential part when dealing with someone from a different culture; understanding the values, social codes and business etiquette rules helps you navigate safely when doing business abroad.

Confidence is also key part of what I do, since it is often a missing piece of the puzzle when taking a new direction in your life. By having someone there to listen to you, taking you seriously, create action plans, and follow up on your progress, your confidence increases significantly. 

When I arrived to Spain in 1999, I was unaware of cultural differences, since I had never been therefore. The first year I felt intimidated because I thought everyone was talking so loud, and gesticulating so much! Little did I know that the high expression of feelings in Spain were signs of sincerity. The more I held back, the more it looked like I was covering up, or hiding something. The more emotions you show, the more you give the impression of showing your pure self! 

After a couple of years I stopped feeling alarmed and adapted instead, to "survive". As a modest Swede, it was challenging to express more emotions, but boosting myself  up brought confidence being in Castilian territory. 

After having spent several years in the Spanish capital, my voice will now instantly rise, and my hands will start moving each time I speak Spanish!