Blue space, green space

I am a big fan of Dr Sonal Minocha, former Executive Dean at the University of Bedfordshire Business School. She was the winner of 'Asian Academic of the Year' at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards in 2013, and shortlisted for the award 'Woman of the Year' at the 2012 Asian Achievers Awards.

Not only does she have an impressive background, but also a greatly inspiring way of thinking.

A few years ago I attended a department meeting at the University. Dr Minocha was giving a talk, and it completely surprised me by the amount of vision and innovation that transcended her presentation.

One of the things Dr Minocha mentioned was the difference between "green space" and "blue space". The "green space" (grass, ground) is the area where a lot of people reside, with limiting beliefs, focusing on what is practical and realistic.

The "blue space" (sky) represents an 'out of the box' mentality, 'sky's the limit' thinking, persistence and hope. Focusing on the "blue space" requires courage and faith that can lift your wings. At the same time the area has no limits.

When I re-visited the Business School after working for the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, I noticed that the previously white walls had been redecorated which inspirational quotes and photos of staff and students. My guess is Dr Minocha helped initiate the change. Near the entrance is one of my favourite quotes:

While I have attended several university seminars, Dr Minocha's speech was certainly one which stood out, and her admirable resume, shows that she believes in, and is an excellent example, of the success of the 'blue space' mentality.