Aligning your actions with God's purpose

I was in Sweden last week, visiting family and friends, but also to get a break away from work and the normal daily duties and clear my head. My parents have a wonderful summer house called Sigridsberg about 1,5 hours from south of Stockholm. It is a place where you can truly find peace and quiet. As you step out from the car on arrival, there's just silence and a nice fresh smell.

In front of the house there is a big lake, perfect for swimming. One day, as I was watching the lake, it hit me that the water flowed perfectly in the same direction. All the litres of water somehow managed to join up and stream forward, consistently and peacefully. That is when I realised that God was trying to telling me to align my actions with his purpose. It is when we fight the stream, that natural flow, that we end up in trouble. Joel Osteen has said that God's grace is like a sat nav; wherever you are in life, there is always a way back to Him. The voice in our hearts always tries to get us back to our flow. Follow it. 

Earlier this evening I applied for a coaching course in management. I believe it is another step in the direction that God wants to take me and improve me so I can help others. Is there a step you can take to increase the flow in your life?

If you need some help, have a look at Joel Osteen's recent 

'Night of Hope'

in San Francisco. I know it will make you feel uplifted :)