Empowering Beliefs

Last weekend I attended a Personal Coaching training event organised by the Coaching Academy. It was simply brilliant and I met lots of new people. Some people were there to improve their coaching skills in their work, and others in their roles as life coaches like me. 

The speakers were extraordinary and on fire. Some of them had gone through redundancy and realised that coaching was the right thing for them. Others had realised that they wanted a career change and taken a course. Apart from Personal Coaching, the trainers covered a wide range of types of coaching such as Confidence, Performance and Small Business Coaching. 

We talked about limiting beliefs, which essentially are beliefs that hold you back, stopping you from taking the next step towards your goal. An important part to get to your goal is to overcome those beliefs. Limiting beliefs are things you tell yourself that hold you back and stop you from taking steps towards your objective. 

The way to challenge limiting beliefs is to invent new empowering beliefs which help you take action and replace them. Here are some examples: 

Limiting belief (LB): "I won't perform as well as other people".

Empowering belief (EB): "I am not better or worse than other people". 

LB: "I don't have enough money to do xxx." 

EB: "If I don't have enough money right now, I will find a way to get more."

Do you have any limiting beliefs? How could you replace those with positive, affirmative statements?

During the training session, I noticed a quote at the bottom of our workbook page:

"Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can't, you're probably right."

(Henry T. Ford)

We might as well believe that we can, right?