The grass is perfectly green

Hi everyone. Sorry it has been a while. This week I want to focus on mindfulness. The other day I updated my Samsung. The whole system was revamped and after the transformation I decided to change my lock screen.

Turns out that you can now select "Travel" shuffle images with your favourite destinations based on Trip Advisor. So now, each time I tap my phone I get a new image of Marrakech, Toronto, Taj Mahal, you name it. Sounds great, and the photos are stunning.

However, it made me think that shouldn't I just focus on what I am blessed with right where I am? Perhaps those photos just make me want to escape and long for a different place? Maybe Trip Advisor's teasers only create a need that isn't there and confirm the saying 'The grass is always greener...'?

I have finally decided to keep the images shuffling for a while to see how it feels. They are beautiful after all. I also try to focus on the present each time I see them, and remember that I have everything I need to be happy. Right here. Right now. All those feelings are already inside us. You don't need the Saint Tropez trip as a trigger. Sure it would be nice, but the joy can be experienced right now.

21 June was the first ever International Yoga Day. There's a great way to find contentment and peace in the moment.