What is your sun?


Hope everyone had a nice Easter!

Earlier today I watched a documentary about how the Swedish Moderate Party (m) won the elections in 2006. Before then, the main opposition party, the Social Democrats (s), had governed for a total of over 65 years since the early 20th century.

One of the leading (m) strategists, Per Schlingmann, described the nation's 7 parties as planets in an orbit circulating the sun - the Social Democrats. The Moderate party's politics was focused on responding and relating to (s) actions. The key, according to Schlingmann, was to create a new sun, a new way for his party to tell a story and relate to things, independently of (s). And so the Moderate party did, and they won the elections.

This video made me question what my sun is, and how I relate to reality. I like to say that my sun is God. However, in daily life I am often tempted to make other things the centre such as work, my past, health issues (a broken knee cap) and those become the things that I circulate around and refer to during the day.

Personally, I want my sun to consist of God and a positive life story. As pastor T.D. Jakes pointed out: When you focus on your history, it is at the expense of your destiny.

What is your sun? What's at the core of your outlook on life?

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