The Master-plan

This Friday I finished work 30 minutes early and decided to make the most of it and head to the mall asap. On the way I dropped my scarf and had to go back to the office to look for it. Perhaps I left it on the rack? Nope, nowhere to be found. I checked one of the bathrooms. Not there either. 

Finally after heading down to the main university reception, I spotted it on the desk. I checked the clock and noticed I had spent almost 15 min looking for it!

I felt annoyed and headed to Wilkinsons to get some snacks. When I was about to pop my card in to pay, I noticed that the young lady before me had left her credit card in the machine. I grabbed the card, rushed out shouting "Excuse me!". The lady turned around, got her card and thanked me dearly. 

Looking back, had I not lost my scarf at the university, I would not have been at Wilkinson's earlier behind the lady and spotting the card. Who knows who else would have seen it and what they would have done?

This story reminded me that God has a plan with everything we do. If you miss the bus or an appointment, don't spend time being frustrated and disappointed. Maybe you were meant to miss that bus because another important event is taking place down the line? Instead, try and thank God for working in your life behind the scenes. He wants what is best for you. He's got a Master-plan. 

Do you have a similar story?