Dare to reach high

Dr Hannah Fry recently appeared on the swedish talk show 'Skavlan'. Talking about dating, she said that it is always better to go out and meet people when you are single, because then you get the best person out of those you approached, rather than the best individual out of those who came to you.

I believe this is true for other areas. E.g. if you are looking for work it is often better to be active and try for those jobs you want, rather than accepting one that just 'came your way'. It might be scary to take the risk and apply for that dream position, but as they say, "all you can get is a no".

Some people end up feeling like victims simply because they feel they feel they "had" to take a certain job, rather than "wanted" to.

The more you dare reaching for the stars you want to get to, the more likely it is that  you will find that spot that fits you perfectly.