The 'Can Do' Department

Went for the first physiotherapy session this Monday. If I was ever to work at that hospital, it would be the therapy department (physiotherapy, occupational therapy among others) . The staff was friendly, smiling at service users, greeting them and asking how they were. It was even literally warmer there. You could tell that a positive spirit was important here. People had had their injuries and they were now recovering.

You can do it, lift your leg 10 times! Now try and lean against the wall and bend your knees! 

To build up the muscle strength and confidence, one needs a ‘can do’ attitude. I like to think of that hospital section as the ‘Can Do’ Department. 

My physiotherapist was very efficient and helpful, and even gave me a pat on the back when I left! 

As soon as I stepped out from the clinic both my knee and spirit felt lighter.