The Right Time is Now

After attending a coaching course this week it made me think how we sometimes use practical obstacles as excuses to move forward. Although we may say we need help some people have already made up their mind. They have decided that it is too late, too hectic or too costly to take that step towards something they are passionate about doing e.g. a career change, a trip or a course.

The fact is that it is never too late, time-consuming or expensive. Those are simply “hurdles” used to argue that if it wasn’t for this and that, I would sure be where I want to be.

Any step forward involves a bit of risk. That’s when we need to step up, face the fear and hand it over to God. If He tells you it is right, things will work out. 

When I left for Spain, it was big step. I didn’t have a place to stay and no job, but I had money. The action of moving abroad also meant I couldn’t see my family as often as wanted. But it was a necessary step to feel better, to re-programme my mind from mental illness. 

We are only as young as we feel, and we all have missions we are supposed to fulfill. I believe God’s voice never stops whispering to us that we need a change. In fact, I think the voice grows louder and louder. 

Be honest with yourself, and re-consider if the hurdles in the natural world are perhaps excuses for fear that if you take a risk, God may not look after you in the supernatural? Believe me, He will. Step out in faith.