The Importance of Not Being Idle

I learned today through Mind that one of the areas where motivation is lowest during mental illness is 'work'. Thinking about it, it makes sense. Work offers a sense of community, social contacts, structure, tasks, motivation, focus, and advancement in life on so many levels. The above things are often those that the mental illness wants to take away from you. The illness can even feel like a friend, one that you want to be alone with and with which you can identify yourself. As one falls deeper into the pit, the energy and focus on other things apart from the illness and oneself tend to decrease. 

Therefore it is key, that during treatment and recovery ('the runway' as I like to call it) the focus lies on how to re-integrate oneself back into society and back to work (unpaid or paid). 

The runway staff will help with the take off and equipment to break through the grey clouds hiding the sunlight and off you go! If you need further help, the control tower is just a phone call away and they've got you on their radar. 

Often the energy and motivation is not there to return to work, and one might need help with other areas (life skills, socialising, self-esteem, exercise) before engaging in professional activities.

However, once the seeds are sown, there is much fruit to be reaped!