The Guinea Pig Gut Feeling

Despite having fed and taken care of my piggies for 1,5 years, they still shy away many times when I reach out my hand to pat them. All of the refilled nibble bowls, cucumber sticks, cleaning of their cage and chatting with them, doesn't seem to have mattered. I still get an "Oink!" and a "Whoosh!". It is as if they still assume "This hand is out to grab us and then she'll devour us!"

The piggies seem to have a built-in default reaction of


They even look around cautiously as they munch away at their dandelion leaves. It is not rational, and despite having been their main carer their whole lives, they still react as if I am a potential threat.

This made me think that perhaps the reason I got them was for them to teach me something? Like the piggies I sometimes have had a feeling of being preyed upon. "That man behind me in the escalator, is he looking into my bag?" or "Why is that lady staring funnily at me in the street?". Even more, sometimes when someone has offered friendship or kindness, I've not been ready for it and have pressed the piggy red alarm button. Not a rational, but logical reaction looking at my past.

Do you ever get that piggie gut feeling? There may occasionally be truth in it, but in most cases I promise you there's not. Face the fear if it is only someone stretching out a hand.