Dreams and God's Messages

It's been a while! Have mainly been settling into married life. It is truly a new era in life as most decisions are now made together and I've got my man to speak to and hang out with each evening :)

One of the ways that God speaks to me is through dreams. There are two important dreams I have had lately, and they have both helped changed my perspective on life. One is about eating and the other one is about a skyscraper :)

Eat life or be eaten! 

That is exactly what I heard in the first dream. The way I interpreted it was that

we either indulge in life and our desires to fulfill God's mission, or we become overtaken by worry, stress and other negative feelings.

We either enjoy the life that God has given us and have faith in Him that He is in control and watching over us, or we stumble in the dark, and become easy prey to fear, stress etc. 

The Skyskraper

Sometimes in life we have what I call a 'revision'. We reach a certain age in life, e.g. 30 and look at what we have accomplished, where we are in terms of our journey and things we need to change and do better. 

Being 32, I have felt slightly more pressure regarding time to reach my goals and be efficient.

In the dream I had, I was on the 32nd floor of a skyscraper looking out, thinking "Omg, I can't believe I am this high up already. This has gone so quickly, I thought I was further down". My instinctive feeling was to try and take the elevator down, as I also don't like heights since it makes me a bit queasy.

I then heard a voice saying

"Just admire the view

." I believe this voice was from God, and that what He was saying was "Relax. Take a step back and look at your past with pride and how far you have come. Don't look at it with fear and worry, just admire the view and all the good things you have accomplished. Be proud of yourself! I have got your back."

Thinking about our life journeys as through a skyscraper helped me realise some things. When we are young we look up feeling excited, imagining what things look like on the 30th floor, the 40th floor etc. If bad things happen to us, they might look like big lorries and medium sized buildings that still seem big when we look out.

However, as we ascend up the skyscraper, the lorries and buildings become smaller and smaller and smaller...

We gain perspective, and can see more of the big picture

: How God has worked for good in our lives.

Also, some people don't want to go further up the building, they prefer to stay where they are, both mentally and emotionally. A few decide they don't want to go further up and experience whatever negative feelings they might have looking out on those heights, and jump out the window.


there are people in our lives who join us on our journey

. For me, my husband, family members etc. will always be with me on the journey. Others I have met were there for a season on one or a couple of more floors.

The skyscraper portrayed in my dream was touching heaven. I believe that that is our ultimate destination, that

when we finally reach the top, we join God