You are Important

This is my first blog post. I started writing on the first day of the Mental Health Awareness Week, which is great because I am passionate about inspiring people and help you live better, positive lives. Hermine & Harmony (H&H) not only stands for my initials, but for finding peace in yourself, believing in yourself and finding harmony in life. The blog title stands for the latter: living a life in harmony.

I want you to have a life filled with excitement and gratitude and free from influence of negative thoughts. I believe that excitement is a way of showing gratitude, and being grateful gets us closer to God and attracts the things we want and need. When you feel harmonious, you are not swayed by negative voices, they don't mean anything. Instead you feel love and joy: You are in connection with God.

I want you to live the life you deserve, to be able to replace the negative tapes in your head with positive ones. Depression is a battle of the mind, and it takes time to learn how to manage your feelings and thoughts, but it is possible. I have included a picture of Las Torres de Europa ("The Towers of Europe" in Madrid. Madrid was my new birthplace, the place where I had my wake up call and got help. Those towers represent not only the gateway to Europe, but the gateway to my new healthy life.

Too often you hear people complain about themselves or their lives, and without realising it, they attract more of what they don't want. For a long time, I had a chip on my shoulder telling me I couldn't do things, that I wasn't good enough, planting seeds of mistrust towards others in my head. I know what it feels like, and it took years of conscious efforts to replace that chip with the true voice, saying I am good enough, important, that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I want you to live a better life, I want to help you increase that positive, true voice and help you make big changes in your life.

What really helped me was also my belief in God, and God will be central to this blog, as he is in everything else in my life. I believe God saved me all those years ago when I came out of depression, and I believe it is my divine mission and purpose to help others. I hope you enjoy this blog and that it inspires you!

Have an amazing day!